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Case Study

Dental Practice Increases Traffic 600% in 6 Months

Dr. Berg

Niche: Dental Practice

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

Results: Increased monthly revenue by $42,570


Objective: The primary goal was to enhance the new patient intake, reduce the cost per acquisition, and augment online visibility for Dr. Berg’s dental practice.

Challenges: Facing budget limitations, a common obstacle in the healthcare sector, the practice struggled to invest in extensive marketing efforts. Moreover, they grappled with on-page and off-page issues such as broken links and a weak link profile, hampering their online visibility.


Despite offering exceptional dental services, the practice encountered difficulties in attracting new patients and competing with established practices in the area. Limited online presence resulted in stagnant patient influx and restricted growth.


Enhancing online visibility and attracting new patients were the primary objectives to address the stagnant growth.


Compared to the baseline benchmark, where the practice generated approximately $7,095 via online leads with 473 organic traffic and a 3% conversion rate at an average $500 per patient, our efforts led to a significant transformation. We increased organic traffic to 2,838 visitors, marking a 600% surge, resulting in an estimated monthly revenue increase of $42,570.


A remarkable 600% increase, soaring from 473 to 2,838 visitors.


The tailored digital strategies implemented have brought about an unprecedented transformation for Dr. Berg’s dental practice, positioning them as a leader in their field and surpassing all expectations. The surge in patient bookings, propelled by high-intent traffic strategies, has been remarkable. From an initial 14 patients per month, the practice now sees 85 patients monthly, with the appointment calendar consistently booked to capacity. Patient leads have transformed into loyal, revenue-generating relationships.

Case Study

150% Increase in New Patients in 8 Months

Client: Dr. Friedman

Industry: Dental Practice

Location: Morrisville, NC

Results: Increased monthly revenue by $51,750


Objective: Prior to partnering with Digital Synergy, Dr. Friedman’s dental clinic faced significant challenges in online visibility and patient acquisition. Limited online presence led to minimal appointment bookings and a dearth of positive reviews. Budget constraints further compounded their marketing efforts, resulting in stagnant patient numbers and financial uncertainty. The absence of online visibility and negative reviews hindered growth prospects, causing frustration within the clinic.

Before: Before teaming up with Digital Synergy, Dr. Friedman’s dental clinic was hardly found online. Consequently, they were not generating many appointments online and were having trouble getting online reviews.The clinic’s budget constraints restricted effective marketing, leading to stagnant patient numbers and financial uncertainty. The lack of online visibility, coupled with negative online reviews, heightened their frustration and impeded growth.


Dr. Friedman aimed to revolutionize patient care by attracting a loyal base of high-value patients. The vision was to establish the clinic as a local dental authority renowned for its exceptional services. Leveraging online marketing, the objective was not only to attract but also to retain patients, ultimately driving substantial revenue growth.


In just 8 months, the clinic witnessed a remarkable transformation in patient intake. Monthly appointments surged from 22 to 55, marking a 150% increase in bookings. Dr. Friedman’s revenue experienced a significant uptick, reaching an estimated $51,750 monthly, resulting in an impressive 417% return on investment (ROI).


150% increase, from 22 to 55 per month.

Monthly revenue soared to $51,750, resulting in a 417% ROI.


Our holistic digital strategies not only enhanced the clinic’s online presence but also delivered tangible outcomes. Dr. Friedman’s practice emerged as a success story, illustrating the transformative potential of strategic digital marketing. Commencing the campaign in April 2021, significant results began to manifest within 8 months.

Case Study

10X Increase in Web Traffic In 4 Months

Client: Dr. Evans

Industry: Dental

Location: Fairfield, CT

Results: Increased online visitors by 1071.43%


Objective: To increase patient intake, reduce the cost per new patient, and enhance online visibility.

Challenges: Dr. Evans’ dental practice faced minimal online visibility, with only 14 monthly website visitors. This lack of traffic hindered new patient acquisition and growth, posing a challenge in competing effectively within the local dental market.


The primary goal was to substantially boost website traffic, targeting at least 150 monthly visitors within the first 6 months. The overarching aim was to convert these visitors into new patients, thereby significantly elevating monthly revenue and establishing a prominent local presence.


The website traffic surged from 14 to 164 monthly visitors, marking a remarkable growth in online visibility. This represented an increase of approximately 1071.43% within just 4 months.


Sessions skyrocketed by 1071.43%, soaring from 14 to 164.


Initially, the website attracted only 14 monthly visitors, but it has now surpassed 140 visits per month. This upsurge in traffic is evident in both the website’s keyword rankings and its overall search engine ranking. Initially, the website was ranked for 60 keywords, which has now expanded to 159.

With the influx of new patients, the practice’s monthly revenue experienced a significant boost, estimated at around $2,500 per month within a short span of time.

Case Study


Hometown Plumbing, a plumbing service provider based in Southern California, was faced the challenge of expanding its customer base in the highly competitive local market.

They were looking to increase its customer acquisition and reduce costs while focusing on the plumbing sector. They implemented a search box optimization campaign comprised of the following 5 keyword phrases based in their multiple location service areas

This case study explores how Hometown Plumbing successfully leveraged Search Box Optimization to achieve their goals and the subsequent positive impact on their business.


Client: Hometown Plumbing

Location: Southern California

Objective: Expand customer base, lower cost per acquisition, and enhance online visibility.

Challenges: Hometown Plumbing faced the following hurdles:

Market Expansion -Competing in Southern California’s saturated market.

Cost Efficiency – Striving to reduce customer acquisition expenses.

Online Visibility – Enhancing their online presence to attract potential clients.


Approach: Hometown Plumbing devised a comprehensive plan.

Campaign Strategy: Implemented Search Box Optimization to boost online visibility and facilitate easy discovery for potential clients.

Bing PPC Campaign: Recognizing Bing’s potential, they launched their first Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign to broaden their reach.

Keyword Strategy: Developed targeted keywords focusing on specific locations: “plumbers San Diego,” “plumbers Oceanside,” “plumbers Carlsbad,” “plumbers Temecula,” and “plumbers Palm Springs.”


Increased Visibility: Search Box Optimization significantly enhanced their online visibility for targeted keywords, resulting in better search result rankings.

Cost Reduction:By refining their online advertising approach, they effectively decreased the cost per acquisition, making their marketing endeavors more economical.

Impressive Bing Campaign:The launch of their inaugural Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign yielded impressive outcomes, driving up web traffic and conversions.


Sessions surged by 80%, from 830 to 1,494.

Users spiked by 88%, from 715 to 1,347.

Bounce Rate plummeted from 79.5% to 57.1%, indicating heightened user engagement.


Hometown Plumbing’s proactive stance toward enhancing their online presence and marketing strategies reaped significant rewards. Through Search Box Optimization and the incorporation of Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising, they successfully expanded their clientele while substantially reducing acquisition costs.

Case Study

Junk Valet

In an increasingly saturated market with new junk removal companies emerging weekly, Junk Valet, Inc. faced the challenge of standing out while optimizing their marketing spend. Robert, the founder, sought an effective strategy to ensure his business appeared prominently to potential customers without relying solely on costly pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that failed to deliver quality leads.

Additionally, he aimed to introduce a new service, pressure washing, and wanted to establish a strong online presence for both “junk removal” and “pressure washer” services, encompassing not only his immediate city, Oceanside, but also the broader San Diego area.


Client: Junk Valet

Location: San Diego, California

Objective: To expand the customer base, reduce the cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: Junk Valet, Inc. faced several challenges:

Market Expansion : The junk removal industry was saturated with new companies emerging regularly.

Cost Efficiency : They needed to capture potential customers’ attention without overspending on PPC campaigns.

Diversification : Introducing pressure washing as a new service alongside junk removal.


Keyword Targeting: Identified four critical keywords incorporating Oceanside and San Diego for both junk removal and pressure washer services.

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Implemented a comprehensive strategy to optimize their website, content, and online listings for these keywords, enhancing visibility in organic search results.


Enhanced Visibility: Targeting specific keywords through SBO significantly improved Junk Valet’s online visibility, surpassing competitors.

Cost Efficiency:Reduced reliance on PPC campaigns led to more cost-effective marketing, directing resources toward high-quality leads.

Successful Diversification: Introduction of pressure washing seamlessly integrated with the junk removal service, facilitating business expansion.


Sessions: Increased by 94%, from 216 to 419.

Users: Increased by 98%, from 200 to 395.

Bounce Rate: Decreased from 82.4% to 61.6%, indicating higher user engagement.


Junk Valet, Inc. successfully navigated a competitive market by strategically targeting keywords and optimizing their online presence. Their approach not only increased visibility but also achieved cost efficiency while successfully diversifying their service portfolio, gaining a significant advantage over competitors.

Case Study

Taylor’s Impressive Carpet

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer acquisition, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet is a company committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Their belief in being ahead of the curve drives their quest for innovative ways to expand their business.

As early adopters of emerging technologies, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet embraced the Search Box Optimization (SBO) program, aligning seamlessly with their forward-thinking approach. In this case study, we explore their journey and the successful implementation of an SBO campaign for “carpet cleaning Beaumont” and “carpet cleaning Palm Springs.”


Client: Taylors Impressive Carpet Care

Location: Palm Springs, California

Objective: Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care set out with the following objectives:
1. Expand Customer Base: Striving to increase the number of customers availing their services. Optimize Cost per
2. Acquisition: Aimed to reduce the expenditure associated with acquiring new customers.
3. Enhance Online Visibility: Seeking to improve their presence and prominence in online searches within their target market.

Challenges: Taylor’s Impressive Carpet faced several key challenges:

Customer Acquisition: Maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic market by adopting innovative customer acquisition methods.

Increase Visibility On A Budget: Striving to attract potential customers without overspending on PPC campaigns.


To tackle their challenges and remain at the forefront of technology, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet implemented a strategic approach:

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Harnessing the power of SBO to boost their online visibility and ensure prominent placement when potential customers searched for “carpet cleaning Beaumont” and “carpet cleaning Palm Springs.”


Taylor’s Impressive Carpet’s proactive embrace of technology yielded impressive results:

Enhanced Visibility: The SBO campaign significantly bolstered the company’s online visibility, capturing the attention of potential customers actively seeking carpet cleaning services in their target areas.

Early Adoption Advantage: By embracing cutting-edge technologies early on, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet maintained a competitive advantage, positioning themselves as industry leaders and attracting customers who valued innovation.


Sessions: Increased by 9%, from 763 to 833.

Users: Increased by 8%, from 672 users to 725 users.

Bounce Rate: Decreased from 76.5% to 66.4%, indicating more engaged traffic.


Taylor’s Impressive Carpet’s commitment to innovation and early adoption of technology through the SBO program proved to be a successful strategy for acquiring new customers. Their forward-thinking approach not only heightened visibility but also solidified their position as leaders in the industry.

Case Study

Hometown Restorations

HomeTown Restoration faced a pressing challenge as the cost of acquiring new customers spiraled out of control. Their mission was clear: reduce the cost per customer acquisition, which had reached unsustainable levels.

The average cost per call for water damage services through Local Services Ads had soared to a staggering $260, and their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) expenses continued to rise. In this case study, we delve into their successful endeavor to rein in marketing costs by embracing a cost-effective solution, Search Box Optimization (SBO). HomeTown Restoration strategically targeted “water damage” keywords across five distinct areas, heralding a new era of efficient customer acquisition.


Client: Hometown Restorations

Location: Florida

Objective: To expand the customer base, curtail the cost per acquisition, and enhance online prominence.

Challenges: HomeTown Restorations faced critical hurdles:

Customer Acquisition Costs: The burgeoning expenses of acquiring new customers threatened the business’s financial stability.


To tackle these challenges, HomeTown Restorations devised a strategic plan:

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Embraced SBO as a cost-efficient alternative to mitigate marketing expenses while sustaining online visibility. They focused on “water damage” keywords across five key regions in Florida.


HomeTown Restorations’ strategic pivot towards Search Box Optimization yielded remarkable outcomes:

Dramatic Cost Reduction: Transitioning to SBO led to a substantial decrease in marketing costs, bucking the trend of soaring expenses.

Improved Cost Efficiency: The integration of SBO not only slashed overall marketing expenditure but also provided a fixed monthly fee, ensuring predictability and manageability of costs.


Sessions witnessed a 20% upsurge, climbing from 1028 to 1,230.

Users surged by 31%, elevating from 832 users to 1,092 users.

Bounce Rate plummeted from 77.4% to 54.0%, indicating heightened engagement among visitors.


HomeTown Restorations’ strategic embrace of Search Box Optimization as a remedy for escalating customer acquisition costs reaped substantial rewards. Their proactive stance enabled them to uphold a prominent online presence while achieving notable cost savings.

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